Cannulating a Dissecting Aorta Using Ultrasound-Epiaortic and Transesophageal Guidance


  • Saina Attaran
  • Maria Safar
  • Hesham Zayed Saleh
  • Mark Field
  • Manoj Kuduvalli
  • Aung Oo



Management of acute Stanford type A aortic dissection remains a major surgical challenge. Directly cannulating the ascending aorta provides a rapid establishment of cardiopulmonary bypass but consists of risks such as complete rupture of the aorta, false lumen cannulation, subsequent malperfusion and propagation of the dissection.

We describe a technique of cannulating the ascending aorta in patients with acute aortic dissection that can be performed rapidly in hemodynamically unstable patients under ultrasound-epiaortic and transesophageal (TEE) guidance.


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Attaran, S., Safar, M., Saleh, H. Z., Field, M., Kuduvalli, M., & Oo, A. (2011). Cannulating a Dissecting Aorta Using Ultrasound-Epiaortic and Transesophageal Guidance. The Heart Surgery Forum, 14(6), E373-E375.