Valve-Sparing Repair of Aortic Root Aneurysms: An Update on the Florida Sleeve


  • Philip Hess
  • Thomas Caranasos
  • Steve Siegal
  • Charles Klodell
  • Thomas Beaver
  • Tomas Martin



Aortic valve-sparing reimplantation remains an effective technique for repair of aortic root aneurysms. Studies indicate that the Florida Sleeve procedure is dimensionally stable and durable in the early postoperative period; however, our technique has evolved. We describe a 10-year institutional experience and the technical update of the Florida Sleeve repair for root aneurysms.


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Hess, P., Caranasos, T., Siegal, S., Klodell, C., Beaver, T., & Martin, T. (2014). Valve-Sparing Repair of Aortic Root Aneurysms: An Update on the Florida Sleeve. The Heart Surgery Forum, 17(1), E10-E12.




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