Temporary Tricuspid Valve Detachment for Ventricular Septal Defect Closure: Is It Worth Doing It?


  • Alexander Weymann
  • Stanimir Georgiev
  • Carsten Vogelsang
  • Annette Ivad
  • Matthias Karck
  • Matthias Gorenflo
  • Tsvetomir Loukanov




Background: Tricuspid valve detachment (TVD) may improve the access for closing certain ventricular septal defects (VSDs), but it has some potential risks. We aimed to study the benefits and drawbacks of this technique.

Methods: The midterm outcomes of all 20 patients who underwent a TVD closure for VSD were reviewed and compared with a control group of 15 patients with VSD closure without TVD.

Results: There was no significant residual shunt in either group at the last actuarial follow-up. Tricuspid regurgitation occurred in both groups (45% in the TVD group and 27% in the control group, P = .48). These lesions were considered insignificant in all patients. There were no atrioventricular blocks, and all patients were in sinus rhythm. The cardiopulmonary bypass times were significantly higher in the TVD group than in the control group (91.6 ± 17.2 minutes versus 68.3 ± 15.7 minutes, P ? .01), as were the aortic cross-clamping times (50.7 ± 12.1 minutes versus 35.9 ± 14.4 minutes, P ? .01).

Conclusion: Our results, along with results from other series, suggest that TVD can be used effectively and safely for closure of certain VSDs.


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