Syphilitic Aortitis Causing Bilateral Coronary Ostial Stenosis


  • Soh Hosoba
  • Tomoaki Suzuki
  • Yusuke Koizumi
  • Tohru Asai



Coronary ostial stenosis in otherwise normal coronary vessels is a rare complication of syphilitic aortitis. A 47-year-old man with no coronary risk factors developed severe isolated ostial stenosis in the left main coronary artery and right coronary artery. He underwent coronary artery bypass grafting using the bilateral internal thoracic arteries and gastroepiploic artery and recovered uneventfully.


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Hosoba, S., Suzuki, T., Koizumi, Y., & Asai, T. (2011). Syphilitic Aortitis Causing Bilateral Coronary Ostial Stenosis. The Heart Surgery Forum, 14(1), E59-E60.