Left Atrial Plication for Heart Transplantation in Patients with Giant Left Atrium


  • Howard K. Song
  • Frederick A. Tibayan
  • Steven W. Guyton
  • Matthew S. Slater




Giant left atrium occasionally occurs in patients undergoing heart transplantation and causes a technical challenge for the surgeon because of the substantial discrepancy in size between the left atrial cuffs of the recipient and donor. We describe a left atrial plication technique that substantially reduces this discrepancy and allows for a standard left atrial anastomosis to be performed without any other modifications in technique.


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Song, H. K., Tibayan, F. A., Guyton, S. W., & Slater, M. S. (2012). Left Atrial Plication for Heart Transplantation in Patients with Giant Left Atrium. The Heart Surgery Forum, 15(6), E320-E322. https://doi.org/10.1532/HSF98.20121098




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