Subnormalization of Left Ventricular Shape after Succesful Coronary Revascularization


  • B. Knap
  • P. Trunk
  • G. Juznic



Background. It is asumed that the shape and size of the left ventricle could change after successful revascularization and that the shape and size reflect left ventricular function.

Methods. Echocardiography and Simpson's rule were used for evaluating the endocardial surface area of the left ventricle and elongation of the left ventricle as shape index in 13 patients before coronary arterio-venous bypass grafting (CABG) and 1 year after successful CABG.

Results. After succesful CABG, the left ventricle becomes bigger and less elongated than before CABG. Results show a change from concentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle before CABG to subnormalization after CABG.

Discussion. We suppose that the subnormalization of left ventricular size and shape is the result of successful CABG and successful rehabilitation. The change of left ventricular size and shape after CABG might depend more on the original state of the left ventricle before surgery.


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